Improv Classes

in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

weird—Learn to Own it.

Improv classes have been proven to help people with social anxiety, confidence, communication, public speaking, and listening skills.

We currently have improv classes for adults, and teens ages 15+. Eventually, we hope to have improv classes for children as well!

Our weekly drop-in, the Improv Playground is a great way to dip your toe in and learn improv comedy!


We are partnering with the NIC Harding Family Center off of 15th street in Coeur D’Alene to host all of our classes!

Katrina W. Improv Student

This class really helped me be more comfortable in all types of situations. The teaching style helps all types of learners and gives great feedback with clear expectations while providing a fun environment to learn.

Josa S. Improv Student

I absolutely loved Noah’s class! Learned a ton about spontaneity and not rejecting what your partner gives you, but rather adding to it! Definitely recommend!

Cole P. Improv Student

This class helped me refine my desire to entertain people as well as introduce me to methods that made that task easier and much more enjoyable. I won’t stop doing improv anytime soon!

    Common Misconceptions

    "I'm not funny"​

    Improv isn't about being funny—Humor comes from real, human emotion and reacting authentically. Have you felt an emotion? Great! You can do Improv. Promise!

    "Improv is scary"

    It can be; however, our Improv classes will equip you with concepts, techniques, and skills to allow you to confidently perform improv in front of an audience.

    The Improv Playground

    Take a break from the busyness of life and come make funny stuff up with us! This is an open improv hangout for people of all improv experience levels, and is designed to be a space for people to take a step from their everyday lives, exercise their creativity, and spend a couple of hours experiencing something new, weird, and magical through easy-to-learn exercises and games!

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