weird—Learn to Own it.

Improv classes have been proven to help people with social anxiety, confidence, communication, public speaking, and listening skills.

Katrina W. Improv Student

This class really helped me be more comfortable in all types of situations. The teaching style helps all types of learners and gives great feedback with clear expectations while providing a fun environment to learn.

Tina L. Improv Student

I wouldn’t have thought I could improv until [in Intro] class; now I love doing improv and perform with a group at a park once to twice a week. It has opened another characteristic I never thought I could have.

Cole P. Improv Student

This class helped me refine my desire to entertain people as well as introduce me to methods that made that task easier and much more enjoyable. I won’t stop doing improv anytime soon!

    Common Misconceptions

    "I'm not funny"​

    Improv isn't about being funny—Humor comes from real, human emotion and reacting authentically. Have you felt an emotion? Great! You can do Improv. Promise!

    "Improv is scary"

    It can be; however, our Improv classes will equip you with concepts, techniques, and skills to allow you to confidently perform improv in front of an audience.

    Intro To Improv Winter 2023

    Starting Thursday, February 2nd!

    Meets Thursdays @ 6:30PM - 8:00PM

    In this 8-week long course, we will go through the basics of improv, including: spontaneityconnectionsaccepting ideasbuilding off of othersactive listening, and characters, as well as Scenework! We’ll do this through games, exercises, and learning concepts such as, “Yes, And”, C.R.O.W. (the basis of a scene), and more. By the end of this course, students will have a fundamental basis of how to perform improv for an audience (accumulating with a student improv show at the end of the course), create characters and scenarios from the top of their heads, embrace their inner silliness and unique qualities, and to be in the moment, reacting authentically.

    Improv Level 2 Winter 2023

    Starting Tuesday, January 31st!

    Meets Tuesdays @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM

    In this advanced 8-week course, you will learn techniques to help you improvise more elaborate and deeper characters, and create stronger relationships between them. We will do this through a series of exercises, such as monologues, silent scenes, gauntlets, and more! We will discuss P.A.V.E. (yes, a new acronym!), Deals, and the difference between Invention and Discovery. By the end of this course, students will have a deeper skill for improvising scenes from the top of their heads, have more fun in scenes, and know how to do more complex characters.

    This class requires the completion of Intro to Improv, or explicit permission from instructor (must discuss prior).

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    Beginner Classes