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Our Performer Program

Below, you will find the details on how our Performer Program works!

4-Quarter Schedule

We break our seasons up into 4, 3-month quarters of the calendar year, which allows you to commit to a full 3 months, and decide after that whether you’d like to continue to be on the performance team, or take a break (either temporarily or permanently). This gives our improvisers flexibility and the ability to opt out without the pressure of an Indefinite Obligation.


WE PAY OUR IMPROVISERS! There are two primary models for compiling a main-stage cast: 1) Have 20+ volunteer members and don’t pay them, or 2) Have 10 main-stage members and pay them for the shows they perform. We at Levity adopt the latter, because we want to make their time worth while, and want to pay our improvisers for the work they do for us.

At the beginning, performers won’t get paid for the shows they perform. After 8 weeks of consistently showing up to practice, and having performed at least 3 shows, they are paid $25/night they perform. After being on the team for two quarters (6 months), they receive $50/night, and that’s where we cap it.

What You Get and What We Ask of You

You Get:

We Ask That You Commit To:

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Noah Johnson - Director: (360) 318-3828


If you’d like, we have set up a for those who would like to contribute to this project! You can find it here:

Understand the risk investing money, and that we cannot guarantee this project will be brought to fruition in a timely manner, or at all. If you wish to wait until a private investor has been found so that can guarantee the start of this organization, please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up-to-date!