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Levity Theatre exists to serve the community of Coeur D'Alene by being a comedy club that offers high-quality improv comedy that is hilarious, light, original, and for all ages. Our mission is to bring people together through laughter, and to excite and educate individuals about the art form of improv comedy. 

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Noah Johnson - Director: (360) 318-3828

Wanna Help?

We are always looking for enthusiastic people (performers, students, audience members, wizards, mysterious people in trenchcoats, etc.) who want to be a part of this project! Let’s build this together.

If you’re interested in being a part of this in any way or would just like to learn more, please email Noah Johnson at! He’d love to connect with you.


If you’d like, we have set up a for those who would like to contribute to this project! You can find it here:

Understand the risk investing money, and that we cannot guarantee this project will be brought to fruition in a timely manner, or at all. If you wish to wait until a private investor has been found so that can guarantee the start of this organization, please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up-to-date!