What does “Levity” mean?

“Levity” is a noun meaning, “lightness of mind, character, or behavior; lack of appropriate seriousness or earnestness.” (Dictionary.com). It comes from the Latin word, “Levis” meaning, “Light”

We chose this name because we want to bring levity into all of shows we do, creating comedy for all ages that is hilarious, light, and unique, coming from a nature that is light-hearted and not full of despair. This does not mean all of the shows are always about positive, uplifting things (like puppies and flowers). In fact, we try to evoke all emotions to make personal and realistic characters and stories that are compelling and heart-felt. Life has conflict; life has pain; life has laughter; life has love. It is our goal as improvisers to display the idiosyncrasies of human nature through impromptu theatrical performance.

What is Improv?

Improv is short for “Improvisation” and it is performing without a script or any sort of preparation. Often times, performers will ask the audience for a suggestion that performers will use to inspire scenes. Improv is most often done for comedy, but improvised Drama also exists. We at Levity specialize in improv comedy, which looks more like Sketch comedy (like SNL or Studio C) or a TV sit-com, rather than a play or stand-up. If you’ve never seen an improv show, you are seriously missing out!

(NOTE: Sometimes the performers just have off days, and, because they are making up everything on the spot, we ask that you show them grace if they don’t have the best set. We also encourage you to come see another show! No improv show is the same, inherently.)

Where Are you located?

Levity Theatre is based in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. We are currently in search of our own space and do not have a home-base. If you take a class or attend a show, definitely check the info on the registration/ticket to see where the event is happening!

How can I get involved?

If you want to be a part of creating an awesome live comedy venue, community center, and improv organization, please reach out to Noah at info@levitytheatre.com!

Why “All Ages”?

We aim to create comedy for all ages for a few reasons: 1) To appeal to the widest audience, and allowing parents to enjoy a show with their kids. 2) We want to eradicate the connotation that “Clean = Bad,” as the best comedy is just Truth Reflected, which does not require crass jokes or profanity. 3) It pushes us as improvisers. Limitation breeds creativity: it’s easy to make a lazy joke about sex or drop an F-Bomb for shock value. But, the honest truth of that is: over time, it gets exhausting to hear the same jokes over and over* again. By eliminating those cheap, unoriginal tactics, we not only please everyone, but we also push ourselves to think even further outside the box to consistently bring you (and us) unique and interesting content!

*and over and over and over and over and ov—okay, I’m done.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Yes. At least, in the state of WA (yes, I know that we’re in Idaho…), hot dogs are legally considered sandwiches, according to WAC 314-02-035, which is the liquor license for restaurants. According to them, “‘Entree’ means the main course of a meal. Some examples of entrees are fish, steak, chicken, […] sandwiches, and breakfast items.”

I know of a WA-based venue that sold hot dogs in order to qualify to obtain this liquor license, in which hot dogs technically (and legally) fell under the category of, “Sandwich.”